When you have two or more outlets, when a customer buys an item at Outlet 1 but the item is empty, then Outlet 1 can ask Outlet 2 to send the goods without giving access rights first, and customers can make payments at Outlet 1 but the goods can be picked up or sent from Outlet 2.

I. How to Make a Sell (Outlet 1)

Step 1. Create sales order through the Sell Menu

Select Product and insert to cart using manual add, barcode scanner or click on your quick-key.


Step 2. Select Shipping by Delivery

You must choose shipping option by delivery, then you can fill in the recipient's data.


Step 3. Click Pay


II. Make delivery from another outlet (Outlet 1)

Step 1. Go to Order Menu

Select the customer invoice that will be sent by another outlet.


Step 2. Click Action and select Assign To


Step 3. Select the outlet that will send the item


II. Send Delivery (Outlet 2)

Step 1. Sent product from Outlet 2 to customer

Outlet 2 can send products requested by Outlet 1 to the customer's address. At Outlet 2 the invoice number for goods orders will only be entered on the delivery menu, and will not appear on the orders menu. Go to delivery, then select to delivery and select the invoice number.


Step. 2 Click Action and select Send


Step 3. Select the outlet, then click Save


Step 4. Delivery Status will change to Sent from Outlet 2


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