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Change Tax Calculation Based on Discount
Change Tax Calculation Based on Discount

How to change tax calculation.

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Tax is a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers' income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions.

Discount is a deduction from the usual cost of something, typically given for prompt or advance payment or to a special category of buyers.

This article will show you how you can changes the tax calculation, based on after or before discount.

Table of Content :

I. Configure Tax Calculation

Step 1. Go to Setup - Select Module Configuration on More Menu


Step 2. Go to Sell Section, then Find "Tax Calculation"


Step 3. Changes Default Tax Calculation, then Save


II. Make a Transaction to See the Result

As you can see the tax is calculated before final price get discount.


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