If you have a fruit or butcher shop, our system now can connect your digital scaling to our system, which is when your customer weight their shopping amount and digital scaling create a barcode, the barcode now can be scanned directly at the checkout. So do not need to manually input it.

I. Activate Feature in Setup Page

Step 1. Select "Module" on Setup Menu

Step 2. Then in "Module Configuration" go to the "Sell" sub menu and scroll down until you find "Digital Scale"

Digital Scale Configuration Function:

1. Digit :

In this digit field, there are 2 configurations, namely by filling in the numbers "zero" or as much digit/number as in the digital scale label. If we fill with 0 then the digital scale will not be activated. As the picture above, we fill it with 13, means the configuration is set to a sticker label with 13 digit barcode.

2. Quantity Divider :

This is used as a division or calculation of commas in heavy quantities.

3. Regex (Regular Expression)

A regular expression is a sequence of characters that specifies a search pattern. Usually such patterns are used by string-searching algorithms for "find".

For example:




The regex will skip the first 2 digit


The regex will capture the next 6 digit


The regex will capture the next 6 digit

You can also try the regex customization on regex101.

Result after Digital scale machine printing

Properties Index



First Digit (2)

The Number Given by Digital Machine

2nd - 7th (000012)

Product code from DealPOS

8th - 13rd (011849)

Weight obtained from weighing the goods

II. How to use this Function

When you scan barcodes from your digital scale our system can read according to the quantity of the total weight from your digital scale.

Note : if you have a product with SKU the same of digit of regex (13 digits) will show missing error notification as below, it causes system has search two times (SKU for digital scaling product & Barcode for non-digital scaling product) . Actually product been appear and you can continue for selling

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