Layaway Inventory is a program that allows invoices to be made before the goods are sent. You can update the Fulfillment status when the item is actually sent from your store or warehouse. This case usually happens when a Customer buys with Down Payment, so they won't get the product until the payment is paid.

I. Create Layaway transaction through Sell menu

Step 1. Make a Sales Order - Change Fulfillment

Fill in the name and data of your Customer is a must to identify who put the down payment, then click on the Fulfillment

Choose Fulfillment

Step 2. Change Fulfillment into Later

Change shipping status from pickup to By Delivery

Form Order Fulfillment

Step 3. Orders - Invoice

Go to the Order Menu and find your current sales invoice number then click on it. The payment shows Partial status which means the invoice is not fully paid yet. Delivery is also pending because the seller keeps holding the goods until the buyer pays off.

Invoice Status

Step 4. Add Payment

Select Add button on payment to fill the outstanding payment

Add Partial Payment

Step 5. Input your remaining outstanding

Payment Detail

Step 6. Click Send in Delivery status

Your payment is paid. Now, you need to process your delivery. See the picture below. Then click the process button

Click Send in Delivery Status

Step 7. Click Save to Send

You will be directed to OutDelivery Form. Fill in the note and the courier if you need it. Then, click submit button

Save to Send Stocks

Step 8. Delivery Sent

Now, you have completed the delivery of your goods to the buyer in POS. You can check it in the order section.

Invoice Paid and Sent Status

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