In managing Inventory, we need to know the amount of stock of goods on a certain date, especially the amount of stock in the period that has passed, for example, last week, last month, etc. We provides an Inventory at Date report feature which is useful for seeing the stock of goods on a certain date so that we can see the movement of stock from a period which we can adjust using filters.

Inventory at Date

Step 1. Go to Inventory Menu - Inventory at Date

Inventory at Date DealPOS (1)
Inventory at Date DealPOS (2)

Step 3. Go to Inventory Menu - Inventory at Date - Breakdown

Inventory at Date DealPOS (3)

Table Index :

Column Name



Name of product


SKU code of the product


Period start date set from Filter


Total stock entered in 1 period


Total stock out in 1 period

Qty Now

Current stock

* Inventory in this report using Created date not Invoice Date

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