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Purchase Order vs Supplier Bill Number
Purchase Order vs Supplier Bill Number

Differentiate the Purchase Order Number and the Supplier Bill Number

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You can fill the stock by inputting Purchase Transactions / Purchase Order on the Buy menu, so that the stock of the products you just buy will be added to the Inventory.

Sometimes we want distinguish between a Sales Order Number and Invoice Number in the same transaction. you can follow the step below.

Table of Content :

I. Purchase Order Number Configuration

Step 1. Go to Setup, then Click More Menu

More Setup Menu

Step 2. Select Module (Configuration)

Module (Configuration)

Step 3. Go to Buy Tab, Enable Purchase Order Number, then Click Save

Enable Purchase Order Number

II. Make Purchase Transaction

Step 1. Go to Buy, then Make Purchase Transaction

Make Purchase Transaction

Sales Order Number can be changed as shown below :

Change Bill & PO Number

Step 2. Go to Orders (Supplier Bill), then Choose invoice number

View Supplier Bill

Step 3. Supplier Bill Number & Purchase Order Number was Different

Supplier Bill Number & Purchase Order Number was Different

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