In the following article we will explain the steps to use the pricebook that you have made in your sales transaction:

I. Enable Pricebook

Step 1. Click more menu on the Setup menu then click configuration module

Step 2. Click tab sell on the configuration module then set pricebook enable 'Yes' and click the save button

II. Using Pricebooks on Sales

Step 1. Go to the sell menu and then input the product

Step 2. Input quantity then press the ok button

this following example is how to pricebook work with a condition if customer buy a product 10 pcs or more, customer will get special price from pricebook.

**Quantity of Product Sold < 10 ( Pricebook Non Active)

**Quantity of Product Sold ≥ 10 (Pricebook Active)

Step 3. Click the pay button to process the transaction

Step 4. Sales using pricebook successfully

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