This article wants to explain how to use the Google calendar to increase booking schedules later on.

There are 2 sessions for setting up a google calendar

I. Setup on Google Calendar

Step 1. Log in to your google calendar and create your event, for example Meeting on Tuesday March 5 8:00-9:00

Step 2. Click Setup icon - Select Setting

Step 3. Add calendar - Create new calendar Example: Outlet 1 and will appear on the settings for my calendar

Step 4. Click Outlet 1 and Copy integrate calendar in public URL

II. Setup on DealPOS System

Step 1. Open the outlet - select outlet 1 - configuration - scroll down and check google calendar - in the embed code paste the code that you have copied.

Step 2. Select Menu treatment - calendar - Select outlet 1

Step 3. Now you can view the event that you have created in google calendar

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