During transactions by using Qris, sometimes there is problem where the transaction in DealPOS does not succed but customer fund has been cut off. There are a few things causes this to happen :

1. QR Code generated is Expired

DealPOS give duration for 15 minutes to QR Code has created when Gopay payment selected. After 15 minutes you should to create a new QR Code by click Back (<-) then select Gopay again.

2. In time internet connection unstable

After customer do payment, system will be directly go to the next print page that marked transaction successful. But, because internet unstable you need to press Verify Payment button when doesn't direct to print.

The following are step by step should be when finding problem :

Step. 1 Click "Verify Payment"

The first you have to do is click Verify Payment, so that make sure that DealPOS and MidTrans received payment from customer.

Step. 2 Save Confirmation Payment and Phone Number Customer

If it does not works, you need to save the success confirmation payment from phone number customer by took photo.

Step. 3 Check on MidTrans Application

Check on MidTrans application that a payment have succeeded or not. If status show settlement it means payment succeeded

- Payment logged in MidTrans application

1. Continue to proccess to create invoice payment by cash method

2. Request to admin to edit invoice payment from Cash to Gopay

- Payment not logged in MidTrans application / Status pending in MidTrans but customer fund already cut off

1. Do not give item to customer because payment not yet received

2. Request customer phone number so that can call if payment had successful

3. Chat Dealpos team number +62857 7830 9000

4. Estimate refund to customer is 15 days work depends on problem

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