Presuming you need to generate unpaid invoice payment link for customer to pay directly with their bank account with a spesific link. With the Payment Link, you can provide a reliable payment link via chatting application, so you don't have to check account mutations manually. More about it here. You can try this following methods:

I. Create midtrans account

Step 1. Go to Midtrans official website and click register

Step 2. Click 'Register Now'

Step 3. Fill the information required

Step 4. After the registration completed, check your email to confirm and complete the registration

Step 5. Log in to your midtrans account

Step 6. After you logging in, click next to start completing the registration

Step 7. Select the business model

In this scenario we use Individual model

Step 8. Select the preferred payment method

Step 9. Fill the business owner information required

Step 10. Fill the business owner information required

Note: you need to include your business website/app

Step 11. Fill the bank account details required

Step 12. Submit terms and condition

Step 13. You are finished!

After you finished the registration, please kindly inform us so we can follow it up to Midtrans

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