DealPOS have several addition application that can be installed into your browser plugin or into your desktop application!

Those applications are:

  1. Accounting Application - Now accounting is separate from the main website.

  2. Kitchen Display - Kitchen / Order screen for kitchen room to track orders.

  3. Customer Display - Second screen in customer side to see transaction process.

  4. Barcode Application - To print product barcode in a simple steps.

  5. Mailchimp Aplication - To manage your customer database.

This article will explain how to install it into your browser with our built-in plugin in Google Chrome so you do not have to drag it manually to your second screen. We will use Order Display as the main example, every other application will having the same method to install!

I. Install the plugin

Step 1. Open

Step 2. Click the plugin button and install it

Step 3. A new window will appear

Note: You need to move it to your second screen once, and every time you open it, it will appear in the second screen.

II. Open the installed application

Step 1. The plugin is automatically added to your desktop:

Step 2. You can also run the application installed by clicking these plugin button in

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