In this article, we will explain the steps to install the Printer Panda PRJ-80 on the PC or Laptop device that you use as a medium for the cashier to input transactions using the DealPOS application.

I. Download Steps

Step 1. Download the Driver :

Step 2. Extract Driver with WinRAR / WinZIP

II. Installation Steps

Step 1. Open Panda Printer Driver Setup V7.77

Step 2. Accept the Agreement and Next

Step 3. Select Destination Location and Next

Step 4. Select Additional Tasks and Next

Step 5. Click Install

Step 6. Click Finish

Step 7. Make Sure You Choose Correct Windows, and Choose XP-80 and Install Now

Step 8. You Installed Succesfully, Now Click Yes

Step 9. Try to Re-check Printer Driver at Control Panel > Devices and Printers

III. Setting Panda Printer in DealPOS

Step 1. Make a New Sales Order

Create a new sales transaction in the DealPOS application and then process it by pressing the "Pay" button

Sell menu to Make a Transaction

Step 2. Choose Destination

In the Print Preview, choose Destination and See More

Step 3. Choose the Printer

Choose XP-80

Step 4. Print the Receipt

Click Print and See the Result.

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