If you have a large number of sales orders, setting the delivery status for each one individually from orders would take a lot of time. However, on DealPos you can change the delivery status from your sales order to be sent by performing bulk operations via Tools.

Send bulk delivery is already possible with DealPOS tools app feature. You can use this operation by using the steps listed below:

Step 1. Go to Orders and check if there were orders in which the delivery status is Unsent. We will set the delivery status to be Sent using tools.dealpos.app


Step 2. Go to tools.dealpos.app


Step 3. Sign in using POS domain, The user that has been granted to access tools.dealpos.app, and username & password, then click "Log in"


Step 4. Go to Delivery, Send Delivery SO


Step 5. Select the invoices that you want to set the delivery status to be sent


Step 6. Click on the Delivery button in the right corner


Step 7. Delivery status sent succeed

It will be shown the result of the delivery that success created


Step 8. Go back to the customer invoice on dealPOS, the delivery status has been set to Sent


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