Currently DealPOS has integrated with which make it easier now because the records from all the transactions were made from DealPOS will be recorded automatically to Before using this feature, make sure that you've already configure the setup from your DealPOS domain. Here's the list from few things that you should do in order to use DealPOS x Jurnal Integration:

  • Give the Roles Access in POS to sign in (click here for more details)

  • Activate Webhook Apps for (click here for more details)

After you've done configuring your DealPOS domain, you must configure the integration between your DealPOS and Jurnal.Id through To configure the integration through, you can follow the steps bellow:

After you've done configuring the Integration Setup, congratulations because your DealPOS will record the transactions to automatically every time after your shift register is closed!

After your DealPOS domain had been Integrated with, You might like to upload your transaction from the past to by following steps bellow:

For more detailed information about DealPOS & Integration, you can read the whole article collections on here: DealPOS & Jurnal Integration.

You might also like to watch the video about Integration below:

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