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Outlet Sales Report Compared by Period
Outlet Sales Report Compared by Period
To view outlet sales report compared by spesific period time
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In the reports menu, several tabs present you with the reports and data analysis related to sales transactions that have occurred. Each of these tabs also provides reports based on each need, for example: to check Products sold, profits, Detailed Sales Reports, etc.

Sales report compared by outlet will show the following data :

  1. Sales Report Compared by Outlet

  2. Profit Report for Each Outlet

  3. Profit Growth between Two Outlets

This article will give you an example of a specific case for comparing outlet sales report between the first 6 month period on the specific year with last 6 month period of that year. Read the following steps below to view the report :

Step 1. Go to Reports, then Click Compare Tab

Example :

We try to view the sales report from outlet 1 and compare it between the first 6-month period (January until June) in the year 2022 with the last 6-month period of that year (July until December).

Step 2. Click Filter, Choose Outlet Select Date Range, then Click Search

Filter outlet with Outlet1, filter date with 01 January 2022 - 30 June 2022, and compare with 01 July 2022 - 31 December 2022.

Step 3. Sales Report was Opened

Outlet sales report compared with specific period time was opened, now user can process the data for monthly/yearly report, etc.

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