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This article describes how to make purchases or POS with a 'Take Later Credit' type of payment or debt to suppliers. then the way to make payments on debt or receivables that we make.

I. Make Purchases With Debt Payment

Step 1. Click on Menu BUY

Make purchases as usual, then enter the name of the supplier and the item you want to buy, click Pay to process payment


* Purchases with LATER payment are required to enter the name Supplier


Step 2. Select Later Take Credit - Set Due Date - Set Days - Ok

Due Is the due date of payment to be made, then days due is information on the number of days before the due date.



Step 3. Purchase with Debt Successfully Made



II. Make a Payment on the Debt Menu

Step 1. Click Debt - Account Payable

When you want to make a payment to Supplier, open the Debt menu, then click the supplier's payment credit value



Step 2. Click Invoice Number on the PO number that we want to pay



Step 3. Click Add to Payment in the Invoice



Step 4. Repayment Nominal Input - Ok



Step 5. Payment Status Paid


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