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Which Receive Income in the Journal menu is used to record all your income outside the POS system of Dealpos.

Example: rental income, interest income and others

Step 1. Login - Accounting Menu


Step 2. Journal - Receive Income - Input Form Receive Journal - Save


Example : I get a bank interest income of Rp. 1,000,000 goes to Cash. And I will record with the journal number 06508

  • Outlet: Select the outlet that records the Journal
  • Date: Select the transaction date when you created the Journal
  • Journal Number: Journal Number is sorted automatically by the system, but can be changed according to your wishes. Journal Number is useful if you want to track the Manual Journal that you have created.
  • Account: Select the account to be recorded as a debit or as a credit.
  • Note : Note for account
  • + Add Revenue : To add a new Revenue Account column
  • Money logo : Choose where to receive

Step 3. Manual Journal

After you press the save button the system will automatically create a journal in accordance with what you input in the receive journal form.



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