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This section tells about how to integrated "Chart of Account" in each transaction. Transactions on POS will be automatically created at Manual Journal. The following steps as below:

Assign COA Secara Global Untuk Seluruh Outlet

POS Setup Global berfungsi untuk mengalokasi COA yang terlibat pada saat terjadi transaksi di POS sehingga terbuat jurnal pada Accounting

Accounting - POS Setup - Global - tab Sell 


Index properties:

 Coloumn Description
Account Receivable COA of Account Receivable that alocated 
Sales COA of Sales that alocated
COGS COA of COGS that alocated
Sold Inventory COA of Inventory that alocated
Sales Discount COA of Sales Discount that alocated


*note: for the next Tab you could follows as coloum as COA alocated

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