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A recurring journal entry is a journal entry that is recorded in every accounting period. For example, a company issuing monthly financial statements might record depreciation by debiting Bank Account  Expense for $5,000 and crediting Accumulated Office Rental for $5,000 each and every month. If the accounts and the amounts are identical each month, the recurring journal entry might be referred to as a memorized entry if the accounting software produces and records the entry. Some accountants refer to this type of recurring journal entry as a standard journal entry.



Step 1. Go to Accounting - Recurring - Recurring Expenses



Step 2. Fill the Configuration for your Recurring Expenses



Step 3.Post the Recurring Expenses

The system cannot create automatic journals from recurring that you make. So, you must post all recurring expense at the specified time.



Step 4. Check your Recurring Results

This page inform you for the past or complete recurring expenses that you have been posted


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