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There are 9 different types of stock that you can choose when you're adding a product with some variants, each type serves a specific function.

1. Standard

For this stock type, it's as simple as you add product and the product will be added directly to your inventory system.

2. Non-Inventory

This type of stock suits the products that has no actual form in hand, such as Shipping Charge and Services. The product with this stock type won't be added to your inventory.

3. Composite

This stock type used for bundled package of products (i.e. A meal package that consists of several different products, which are Rice, Cola, and French Fries).


You need to click "Add" button to add the products into your packages/bundling, like shown in this image below.

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4. Serialized

Serialized stock type used for products with serial number as its unique ID.


After you finished filling all the product's detail information, you can click on the barcode logo (See the picture above), and then you can start enterin the serial number for the specific product item (See the picture below).

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Manufacturing is the production of merchandise for use or sale  in which raw materials are transformed into finished goods on a large scale.

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6. Complementary

This type is used for paper bag item, item of Complementary type cannot show in total qty in report menu

7. MultipleUOM

By using this type, you will get "Crate" & "Bottle" on Inventory Stock. If in 1 box contains 12 bottles and bottle supplies have been exhausted if it will be taken from inventory "Crate" , so that the "Crate" is reduced and twelve "Bottle" is increasing.


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8. Prepaid Point

This type is used for selling points, so that your customers have a point that has been purchased.


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9. Prepaid Package

This feature is typically used for your customer care system, which uses care products with a points system.

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