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This article will explain the differences between Products and Variant. We hope after you understand the differences between Product and Variant, it will help you to input the product easily.




As you can see in the picture above, the T-Shirt product goes into the category dress and has 3 size variant  S (Small), M (Medium) size variants. L (Large).


This term is used to group some products with similar attributes into one collective category. You can add new category by refering to the products you have and define on what category type they suit the best (i.e. Bread and cakes can be grouped in the same "Food" category).


This term refers to the actual product item's name that you sell. To add new product, you can go and check the tutorial on Adding Products section.


This term is used to differentiate specific types of a product, based on its unique attributes, i.e. colours, sizes, flavours, etc.The following matrix can be used to help you organize your products with multiple variants. In the matrix below, the product is Shoes, and it has size variant and colour variant. 

For introduction of this session, the definition of category, product and variant will be explained below.
  • Category : This term is used to group some product into one same category, which some product used to have similarity.
  • Product   : This term means the goods, the real products' name we sell.
  • Variant    : The variant term is used to differ specific types of a product, which is colour, size, flavour for food.You can group your products using Category and specified it by using Variant.

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