Distinguishing Outlet Prices

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This example below will show you how to distinguish between the sale price of a certain product's variant for each Outlets.

I. Via User Interface

Step 1. Go to menu Products – Variant (select variants that want differentiated price)


Step 2. Select variants that want differentiated price - click 'Edit'


Step 3. Select 'Configuration' tabmenu, then click on the 'Add' button in the Outlet Price section.


Step 4. Enter the Branch which you want to differentiate the selling price


Step 5. And we've got a different price in each outlet. After we're done entering the price for each outlets, click the 'Submit' button on top right corner.


*Or it could be done by adding Dynamic Column Name in CSV file for products.

II. Bulk Operation Via IMPORT CSV Function

you can follow instruction if you want import with CSV File

method input : "http://support.dealpos.com/kb/products/import-products-using-csv-file/"


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