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Inventory or stock, refers to all existing merchandise. Layaway Inventory is a program that allows invoices to be made before the goods are sent. You can update the shipping status when the item is actually shipped

I. Create Layway transaction through sell menu

Step 1. Fill the name and data of your customer is a must for identify who put the down payment then click on shipping



Step 2. Change shipping status from pickup to By Delivery



Step 3. Go to the order menu and find your current sales invoice number then click on it.

The payment showing Partial status which means the invoice not fully paid yet. Delivery also pending because seller keep hold the goods until buyer pay off.



Step 4. Select add button on payment to fill the outstanding payment



Step 5. Input your remaining outstanding



Step 6. Your payment has already paid. Now, you need to process your delivery. See the picture below. Then click Process Button.



Step 7. You will be directed into OutDelivery Form. Fill the note and courier if you need it. Then, click submit button.



Step 8. Now, you have completed delivery your goods to buyer in POS. You can check it on order section.


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