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This article explains how to process product returns / product sales returns. In DealPos system there are several ways to do sales returns including the following:

I. Return With Invoice Number

If the customer comes to return the product and bring the invoice number they bought before. You can use the following method to returning product based on the invoice number

Go to Sell Menu - Click Icon Return - Input Invoice Number - Ok


After clicking ok the product will be returned with the quantity automatically inputted minus (-). Click pay for process returns


II. Without Invoice Numer

If you make a return without an invoice number, you can directly go to sell form then input the product you want to return then give a minus (-) value on the product quantity according to the number of items returned or can right-click on the product then select return and automatic stock to minus then click pay to process the return.

Go to Sell Menu - Input Product - Set Quantity Min (-)


III. Using Return Button

You can also do directly on the invoice number that you selected in the orders menu. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Go to Orders Menu - Select Invoice Number


Step 2. Click Return Button


After you click the return button you will be directed to the sell page to return and the product quantity will automatically be minus (-). Click for process returns


* Note: if the customer wants to change the product, you just need to do one of the above and enter a new product. In the process of returning, the product stock will return to the store, and the amount of money will be reduced based on nominal returns

Video Return/Exchange Item :

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