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DealPOS continues to function even when your connection is offline. After you enter our Point of Sale page, the cache is automatically stored in your browser so that you can visit it at a later time even when you don't have an Internet connection. During offline mode, all orders are stored locally in your browser and will automatically upload when you are online.

*Offline mode only support Google Chrome  or  Safari. browser



I. Working Status Mode Online and Mode Offline

Online mode is where your DealPOS system is connected directly to the server via the internet and all Orders, Product and Config data are realtime downloaded and uploaded directly to the server.



While Offline mode is where your system is not connected directly to the server because there is no internet network connection. In Offline mode you can still make transactions provided you have downloaded the product cache from the Dealpos system first. All transactions that you do in Offline mode will not be directly saved to the server but will be temporarily stored in your browser cache or can be called Offline Order.



II. Download Product Cache

Step 1. Go Sell Menu - Synchronize


Step 2. Download Product Cache

Click download to save the product to local cache storage to your browser. Product data that is downloaded will be automatically stored in your browser cache.



III. Bookmark Page Offline Order

The purpose of bookmarking the Offline Mode page is that when your DealPOS system is not connected to an internet connection network, you can still make sales transactions where the transaction will be saved automatically in your browser cache or can be called Offline Order

Step 1 More Menu Browser - Bookmarks - Bookmarks This Page


* The connection indicator will turn red when you are Offline (Connection not available)



IV. How to do Offline Order Transactions

Step 1.  Sell - Working Offline - Input Transaction - Payment


Sales Complete :


V. Download and Upload Offline Order

Step 1. Sell - Synzchonize



Step 2. Upload Offline 


Step 3. Send Transaction


Step 4. Upload Offline Order Succesfull



VI. Video Turorial Makes Transactions In Offline Mode :


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