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DealPOS continues to function even when your connection is offline. After you enter our Point of Sale page, the cache is automatically stored in your browser so that you can visit it at a later time even when you don't have an Internet connection. During offline mode, all orders are stored locally in your browser and will automatically upload when you are online.

*Offline mode only support Google Chrome  or  Safari. browser

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to bookmark when using offline mode!

Step 1. Go to Sell Menu

Click 'Synchronize' button at right top of your screen at your Sell Menu


Step 2. Click Download Button

Click download button to store product at Chrome cache local storage. Green means that you are online


In 'Online' Indicator, you will see the working status, like this.Screenshot_4.png

If you click the icon, you will see this dialogue box.


To get product data, you can choose to get it directly from the server or get data (which you previously synchronized) from local storage (browser).

And you can choose how to upload the order you made between 'Online', where the order will be uploaded automatically to the server in realtime. Or upload it manually using the 'Upload' button next to the 'Download' button.

Basically, using the 'Offline' setting for Products or for Orders like working in offline mode even with an available Internet connection.

Step 3. Bookmark to Chrome Browser so you can use sell menu without internet connection


* Connection indicator will change to red if you are offline (no connection available) - DISCONNECT FROM WIFI/INTERNET to test itScreenshot_7.png

Last, Upload the transaction that you did when online

there are indicator of how much order that still in cache



Watch Video How to Working Offline Mode below:

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