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This article explain, how do adjustment using web spreadsheet. It will readjust current product inventory with new inventory quantity that you have input. With this way, it will make stock take easier if there were only a few items that you need to readjust and synchronize our system with your physical inventory. Let me explain it by an example case.

Example case:

Step 1. Go to adjustment menu and then click on Stock Take by Web Spreadsheetmceclip1.png

after you click it, you will be redirected to this page.


Step 2. After that fill the form with current number of you physical inventory

In this case, i have in total 7 Chocolate Milk, 5 bottles of coca-cola, 2 Boxes of coca-cola, and 6 bottles of Fanta Strawberry-Flavor, and the rest are just fine.

I need to fill the form like this:


 Step 3. After you click confirm adjustment a report will be created


 It will be located in archive so you can track the history that you have changes.



Watch video for stock take by web spreadsheet


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