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If you have multiple outlets in the DealPOS system, you must make an authorization setting to regulate which staff / employees can access the oulet, so that there are no mistakes in selling at unnecessary outlets.

Example If you have 2 outlets, namely: Outlet A and Outlet B, of course you do not want to cashier outlet A can make transactions at outlet B or vice versa

The steps to arrange authorization are as follows:

I. Set User Outlet Permission From User Menu

Step 1. Go to Users Menu- Groups - Select Group

Step 2. Tab Advanced - Set Permission Level To Outlet - Save

is an explanation table for each access:

 No  Permission  Description
 1  No Access  User the user does not have any access
 2  Peek  User can check Inventory at outlet
 3  Read  User can check invemtory + Orders at outlet
 4  Write  User can create new orders at outlet


II. Set User Outlet Permission From Outlet Menu

Step 1. Go to Outlet Menu - Select Outlet

Step 2. Sercurity - Set User(s) Access - Set Group(s) Access - Update

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