Data Days Range Visibility for Users

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With this feature you can provide data limits that can be accessed based on the range of days determined by each user group. Example: you give a limit to the cashier, you can only see data orders and payments 2 days ago, the cashier can not automatically see transaction data 3 days ago or more.

To use this feature you can follow the steps below :

I Active Feature in Setup Page

Step 1. Go to User Menu - Groups - Select Group User


* For this tutorial, we will arrange it for the Cashier user group.

Step 2. Data Visibility - Set Data Days Range 


Step 3. Input Data Days Range

And when cashiers check the Payment menu, they can only see orders and payments 2 days in advance.


II How To Use This Function

Step 1 Go to Orders or Payment, you can see that user see 2 day before only


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