Using your Prepaid Package

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When your customer has purchased a service package that you sell, and when they come to your store to use their package, you can use this menu


Step 1. Go to ‘Prepaid Package’ menu on the left and click on the ‘New’ button to do the new prepaid packagemceclip1.png


Step 2. New Prepaid Package Registration

Select customer, fill packages and Details prepaid package


Step 3. Doctor Menu

In the ‘Waiting Patient’ menu, the doctor can see the queue and can click on the block to call in the patient.


Step 4. Prepaid package Note for Your Patient

After the prepaid package note for the patient opened, the doctor can now perform the package to the patient and suggest a package that suits the patient’s need, and add notes about the package. After the package process is done, click on ‘Submit’ button.



Step 5. You can add product components for the usage of the prepaid package, and then it will cut your stock

Step 6. It will be shown like this


Watch Video How to Using Your Prepaid Package:

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