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How to input inventory stock?
This question will always appear for new user for the system. So this article is meant for, telling you how to input the inventory stocks.
There are some ways to do so:
1. Using CSV file
2. Using 'BUY' menu
3. Manage Inventory
4. Variants - Edit mode


Using CSV File

1. Products → Import


2. Choose File → Upload

If you are importing initial quantity of your outlet, you should also set the Inventory Options - Update to YES


CSV File Entry Sample

[Static Column Name]

Category : Category of the product
Product * : The name of the product
ProductCode : Code which is used to uniquely identify a Product
Variant : Available variants for the product
Code : Code which is used to uniquely identify a variant
Supplier : Supplier Name when you Buy Product
UnitCost : The cost of the product from your supplier
UnitPrice : The price you want to sell to your customer
Discount : Discount of the product
UOM : Units of measurement from your product
Type : Standard / Non-inventory / Complementary / Serialized / Composite
ReorderPoint : Alert users when inventory belowt the ReorderPoint
Commission                               : Give your sales commission for selling products

 [Dynamic Column Name]

Inventory_{Outlet Name} : The inventory count of the particular product in a certain outlet
UnitPrice_{Outlet Name} : If you have two or more prices in your outlet for two or more outlets
Pricebook_{Pricebook Name}
: If You have pricebook for your products



Using 'BUY' Menu

If you already had all your products in the system, then you can use this menu not only as a restocking inventory, but you can use this menu as a method for inputting inventory stocks.

1. Before you use 'Buy' menu, make sure your product is on the list. If it doesn't, you can 'Add' or 'Import' your product list from CSV File.


2. Go to Buy Menu - Fill in the information form to record your transaction information.


3. Add Items that you want to buy by clicking Add Item button ( or using shortcut F4 ) or import your items using CSV file.


4. Pay your supplies by clicking” PAY” button and choose your payment method.


or either way, you can import the buy list using csv file, click the upload button then choose file and click 'Ok'. Then click on 'Pay' if the importing list finished.



Manage Inventory

To manage inventory, go to Adjustment → Stock take by web Spreadsheet.

Click on that button then you will see the page below:

Add : If you want to add inventory quantity.
: If You want to adjust the quantity of inventory that exist today.


You can add or set the amount you fill in the column then click 'Confirm Adjustment'



Variants - Edit mode

1. Go to 'Product' menu → choose the 'Variants' submenu

Click on which variants you want to add into your inventory


2. Click the 'Edit' button on the top right session


3. Fill the amount to which outlet you want to add then click 'Submit'


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