Import Product Via Google Sheet

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Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program that a part of a web-based software package offered by Google in Google Drive services. DealPOS application also provides features to import products using Google Sheet.

Step 1. Click Products menu - Import



Step 2. Online Sheet
Click the arrow icon on the Sample Download button - Google Sheet



Step 3. Click File - Download as - Comma Seperated Values(.csv)

If you have already input or edited the product, you can save it on your Google account ( must login to Google account first )   then download it with an extension Comma Seperated Values (.csv)



Step 4. Choose File - Upload

Click Choose File and look for the downloaded file to upload to the dealpos system

* If a notification appears, click Proceed



Step 5. The File Was Successfully Imported

If the file is successfully uploaded, a notification will appear and the product that has been input is stored in the system


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