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Serial number is the identification number that is assigned to a specific inventory item. This serial number is usually given to electronic products such as handphones, cameras etc. Our system is able to check every stock of each item you have a different serial number.  This will be useful when warranty claims by checking the serial number.Some of the scenarios for you to create a serialized type of product are
  1. Electronic products (IMEI / SERIAL NUMBER)
  2. Gift Cards


I. Add Serialized Inventory with Manually

Step 1. Go To Menu Products - Variant 


Step 2. Click Edit - Type Serialized - Submit 


Step 3. Click Barcode Logo

Click barcode logo for edit the serial number of the product


Step 4. Input Serial Number - Submit



Serialized Inventory with Import CSV File.

1. Go to Microsoft Excel and save as CSV file.

2. Choose file in menu import and click Submit.


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