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Pricebook is a special price given to customers based on quantity. Pricebook is usually used for transactions such as wholesale and retail. So when selling, the unit price will change automatically if it exceeds the specified quantity.


I. Activate Feature in Setup Page

Before using Pricebook, you need to activate configuration on the Pricebook.

Step 1. Setup - More Menu - Application - Module Configuration - Sell - Load Pricebook (Yes) - Save




After you activate config pricebook you must create the type of pricebook. Pricebook can be created manually or import from an excel file

II. Input Pricebook Data di Promotion Page

Step 1. Add Product Pricebook with User Interface

Menu Promotion - pricebook - click add




 Field  Description
 Name  Pricebook Name
 Description  Pricebook Description
 Minimum Quantity  Minimal Qty for active pricebook when due transaction
 Outlet  Outlet activated for Pricebook

Step 2. Add pricebook import with .CSV

Another way to make a pricebook is by importing CSV files into the system, so you can more quickly add products on the Pricebook. Create Menu Product export with a Pricebook, - add the Pricebook_ (namepricebook) column



III. How to use Pricebook in SELL Page

Using Pricebook is the same as like sales process, but if you want to display it in the sales process, just double click on the item & will appear the message box.



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