Printing Barcode Using Deskjet Printer

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In the following article we will explain the steps to print bacrodes using a deskjet printer

I. Print Barcode Product

Step 1.  Go to Products Menu - More Menu - Print Barcode


Step 2.  Add Product (+) - Ok

Click the icon (+) to enter the barcode product you want to print as well as the number of barcodes you want to print then click ok.


Step 3.  Select Paper Source

Select the type of paper you are using


II. Setting Margin Barcode

Please use Google Chrome for Print Barcodes if you use settings, Avery and Tom & Jerry Paper and Mozilla Firefox if you use Continuous Paper.

1. Tom & Jerry 108 Paper


2. For Tom & Jerry 107 Paper



III. Standard Setting Sticker Configuration

*For maximum results, please use a ruler to measure the width and height of your label paper, and each measurement result is please be converted to pixel to match, click here


Paper Tom And Jerry 107 Tom And Jerry 108
Width  815 650
Top  0 0
Left 30 20
Width 150 150
Height 30 25
Column  11.5 57
Row 8.5 5
Product Name    
Font Size 10 8
Max Character 30 30
Note 1  Print Preview (Margin Top 0.12") Margin  None
Note 2 Paper Size Letter & Potrait Paper Size A4 & Potrait


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