Printing Without a Print Preview in Chrome Browser




  • Hannes Ledl

    does this work even with latest browser version?
    gegards hanned

  • Marco Salazar

    Hi, is there a way to avoid the pop up from being displayed at all? I mean with the proposed solution, the print job is performed automatically, however, users are complaining that they still SEE the print pop up being displayed, even when it closes automatically. 


    Thanks in advance!

  • Customer Support DEALPOS

    @Hannes Ledl Yes, to disable the print preview you only can do it in the latest Chrome Browser. Sorry for the late reply


    @Marco Salazar for now it looks like Chrome can only change the print preview with the print dialogue like in this article

  • Danni Webb

    So how do you then view Print Preview on the odd occasion when you want to?

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