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When using Mozilla Firefox, sometimes you might experience the SELL page interface appear broken like in the below image during our regular maintenance update.
This happens because your browser still stores the previous offline version of our application which causes the page to render incorrectly.
To rectify this issue, you can simply clear your cache web content by following this instruction;


I. Using keyboard shortcut

Press button Ctrl + Shift + Del

Time range to clear "everything", and "Clear Now"


II. Using Firefox Interface

Step 1. Click button on right top side panel Mozzila,  and choose "Options".


Step 2. select the advanced - Network tab - Cached Web Content section - Clear Now.


III. Refresh firefox.

Step 1. Click button on right top side panel Mozzila, click button "Help", and click "troubleshooting information".


Step 2. Click refresh Firefox, and click finish when Firefox already refreshed.

Note : if you use step 2, your setup printer margin will be back to default. If you want setup it back, you can use this following article :


Video For SELL Page Error When Open In Mozilla Firefox (Clear Cahce)

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