Park Configuration Explained

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Step 1. Go to Setup - More Menu - Application

Step 2. Move to PARK tab

Setup in Park Section


Select Mode Parking orders by selecting available tabs
Input Mode Pariking orders by filling the Park label
Prefix Set default park label (for Input mode only)
Max Options To set the maximum orders that can be parked (for input mode only)


Print Behaviour - Configure printing Behaviour on PARK

Print after Park Print the Park receipt right after parking orders
Print Additional Items ONLY on Re-Park Print only additional item for reparked orders


Print OUTPUT - Configure Printing Prefix

Park Label Prefix To set default prifix label
Park Number Prefix To set default prefix numbering
Deposit Prefix To set default label for deposit
Amount Visible Showing amount in Park printing
Outlet Address Visible Detail info for the printing title


User Interface Labels

Park Button To rename Park button
Retrieve Button To rename Retrieve button
Park-Label Placeholder To put a guide for the Park-label
Retrieve Dialog Title To set the Retrieve pop-up message box title


Deposit - Whether deposit input is available on PARK

Enabled Enabling deposit for park feature
Default amount Set default value for deposit amount


Advanced - Configuration for dine-in mode (F&B)

Bill & Outstanding Enabled : Enabling Bill & Unpaid button
Retreive Always Visible : Filter bar always on in Retrieve pop-up message
Default Park Note Value : Set default Park note when push orders to park
Authorize Parked Orders Deletion : Void to delete order when retrieve


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