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Check in (Park) and Check Out To Process Payment / Check Out (Retrieve) in a Hotel.

Park and Retrieve is a feature that allows a transaction to be hold, usually in a Hotel, so that the customer can place an check in room advance, and add more check in and check out later, and pay for the bill when they're check out room.

Here is a simple illustration on how you can use DealPOS in a Hotel with multiple tables where payment is done after the customer check out room.

I. Setting Configuration Name of Room

Step 1. Go to Setup Menu - More menu - Application


Step 2. Go to Park and Retrieve - Park layout template - enable alias 

Replace Selection with Alias = Please follow this link for different if you choose "YES" and "No" in replace selection with alias


Step 3. Go to Outlet Menu - Park Layout Template - Choose Hotel Name




II. Park

Just click on the full screen button in the right bottom corner of session. Input the name of the Customer and Input how long to stay in your Hotel- Click Park Button in left screen - and select the name of the room.


III. Retrieve

To pull back and do the Payment Process.  You just click the Retrieve Button on Left Screen and you can choose which order, you want to edit or add items.


IV. Checkout / Payment

*Re-Park Or Move Room

Now DealPOS supports 'Move Room' feature when the user wants to re-park the order. This feature gives flexibility for user if the customer requests to move the order to another table (restaurant) or room (hotel/inn).

When you're retrieving an order that you've already parked earlier, 'Park' the order once again, and just choose 'Move' like shown in the image below.


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