How to Import Customer Invoice via CSV File

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Besides you can make transactions manually, you can make transactions with import orders. Using this method you can save more time when making many transactions.

You can see the sample file for how to import orders using csv file.

Step 1. Go to Order Menu - Import - Download Sample


After you click the download sample button so you can see the sample CSV file.

Step 2. Download Sample CSV file and adjust the contents


 Field  Description
 Number  The number of invoice
 Outlet  The name of Outlet
 Date  Date of making
 Customer  Customer Email or Code
 TaxType  Tax name in your system
 Code  Code which is used to uniquely identify a variant
 Quantity  Quantity of product in your transaction/td>
 UnitPrice  The price you want to sell to your customer
 Discount  A discount of the product
 Note  Additional note
 PaymentMethod  The way that a buyer chooses method payment
 PaymentAmount  The sum of payment

Step 3. Upload CSV file, if success as the picture at the bottom this


Step 4. If you want to see the result of import, click orderScreenshot_14.png 

Watch Video How to Import Customer Invoice via CSV File below: 

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