How To Enable Void Customer Invoice and Restore your Invoice

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Have you ever wanted to see deleted invoice? Now, you can see the deleted invoice with the same experience in the orders menu. All you have to do is enable the setup like in the steps below and you're good to go.

I. Activate Feature in Setup Page

Step 1. Go to 'Setup' menu then click the 'More menu' button and choose 'Application'



Step 2. Move to the POS tabmenu and scroll down the screen.

In the Advanced section, choose 'Yes' radio button on 'Void Invoice Enabled' and click 'Save'




Step 3. Now you can go to 'Orders' menu to void some invoices.

Just click on the invoices in the 'Orders' menu and click 'Void' button



If the invoice has been moved to bin, there will be the notification said "Invoice has been move to bin". you also can permanently delete the invoice by clicking the 'Delete' button.



Step 4. When you want to see the voided invoices, you can go to 'Orders' menu then click "RESTORE BUTTON"



Step 5. In this section you also can permanently delete the voided invoice. If you want to restore the voided invoice, you can edit the invoice and repay the invoice to move it to the regular 'Orders' menu



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