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This article explain how to sell your product in sell menu

Step 1.  Go to the 'Sell' menu

Within the sell screen, you can see your quick keys to the right of the screen. You can use these, the add (+) button to search by name/code, or scan the product’s barcode to enter a product into the register.

how to sell

Step 2. If you choose to add the product manually, you need to search the product by name or code.

Step 3. Add Customers

On the top panel, you can iput the name of your customer (contact list) or use the quick buttons to add new customers.

Step 4. Add Discount

You can use 2 types of discount here. For example : The store has 10% discount and the customer pay with credit card and get an additional 15% discount.  Use this "Discount Amount" if you want to reduce the nominal payment by numbers.

- Discount Global 

- Discount Per-Item


Step 5. Use Point

After you enter the customer's name, you can use the membership point to give an extra discount.

Step 6. Note

To add the note in your invoice.

Step 7. Clear

To cancel all your transactions.

Step 8. Pay

When you hit pay, you will see the payment types that you can choose (Cash or Credit)

Watch Video How to Start Selling in Dealpos

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