Checking Inventory with previous date

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This article describes how to view your store inventory stock by previous date. Sometimes you need to see your store inventory or inventory at the beginning of the month for Data Analysis. You can go to the Inventory Menu and use 2 (two) reports to display the amount of inventory on the previous date

I. By Inventory At Date

Step 1. Go to Inventory Menu - More Menu - Inventory Datemceclip0.png


Step 2. Tab Inventory at Date - Filter - Set Date - Searchmceclip0.png


Step 3. Show List Data Inventory at Datemceclip1.png


II. By Product Inventory Traffic

Step. Go to Inventory Menu - More Menu - Product



Step 2. Tab Product Inventory Traffic - Filter - Set Date From/To - Search



Step 3. Show List Data product Inventory Traffic Detailed



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