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This Article will explain about what is estimate order and how to use the estimate feature.

Estimate is used when customer reserves order, but hasn't deal with the noted down prices in the estimate detail. You can set estimate either convert to a sales order or directly to an invoice. To set the convertion, you can follow the steps below :

Step 1. Setting Estimate Order "Setup - Module Advanced Configuration - Sell Tab menu".


Step 2. You can go to Estimate by clicking more menu button in the Sell session.


Step 3. Input the order detail and submit the estimate.

 ** You can put note if it's necessary 


Step 4. You can find the created Estimate in the Orders menu.


Step 5. Convert Estimate.

A. Convert estimate --> Sales Order --> Invoice

You can convert your estimate to a Sales Order by clicking 'Convert Sales Order' button and fill PO number

Convert Sales Order to Customer Invoice, you can also convert sales order to invoice customer.

PS : in a sales order detail, you can send delivery but not able to add any payment

B. Convert  Estimate ---> Invoice

You can convert your estimate to a Invoice by clicking 'Convert Invoice' button and fill PO number


Step 6. After You convert the Sales order to an Invoice, you can check it in "Order - Customer Invoice" menu.

You can add payment and also a delivery of the invoice detail

Note :

1. For direct conversion to invoice, you can jump to step 5 and 6, where you can create delivery and add payment in the customer invoice's detail

2. To edit the estimate order, you must give access for EstimateOrder in User Menu

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