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This is an article to do Stock Take using csv file. Stock Take are used to synchronize your stock in system with physical at your store. For more information how to do it you can follow these step bellow:

Step 1. Go to 'Adjustment' menu, and click on 'Stock Take by CSV' tab menu


Step 2. Choose the outlet that the stock you want to update

If you want to include the products without inventory (stock quantity at 0), you can click 'More Options' button, and choose Yes for 'Product Without Inventory'. Then click on the 'Download CSV' button on the upper right corner.

Step 3. Open up the downloaded CSV and fill in the 'Quantity' column with the counted quantity of the inventory stock level. Then save the CSV file when you're done

Name Name of your product (variant).
Code Code of your variant.
Expected Stock in the DealPOS system.
Counted Counted Stock /  Stock in Hand / Stock in your outlet

Step 4. Back to the Stock Take by CSV page, now you can choose file for 'Counted Inventory' section. Then click on the 'Upload' button

Step 5. When the CSV file succcessfully uploaded, you will see the table of the data from CSV file you just uploaded. Then click on the 'Confirm Adjustment' button

The 'Differences' column is the quantity of the adjustment that we will create.

The Qty is taken from the Differences colum from earlier. Note that the products with 0 difference (Expected = Counted) is excluded from the Adjustment Form.

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