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How to use 'Adjustment' menu to make an inventory adjustment. It will help you to find a product that are more or less in your store inventory so you can synchronize back your store inventory with our system inventory. For more detail how to do it, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to 'Adjustment' menu, then click 'New' at the right top of the section to make new adjustment


Step 2. When 'Inventory Adjustment Form' appeared like the image below, click on the 'search product by name/code' and typing your product name


Step 3. There will appear a message box, fill the name of the product which you want to be adjusted, and the quantity. Click 'Ok', then 'Process' in the 'Inventory Adjustment Form'


*note: if you want to reduce the quantity, just put a minus on the quantity


Step 4. To see the adjustment record, just simply click the 'more menu' then choose the 'Adjustment'


Then the report will be shown like the example below


Watch Video For Inventory Adjustment

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