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What is merge variant? And what is it used for?
These questions may be appeared in your mind when you hear those words. 'Merge variant' is used to combine two variants when there seems to be two exact variants of a product in the system, and each of the product has its own transaction records. In this situation you can't delete any of them. So this is what 'merge variant' used for, you can merge it into one variants and automatically updating the transaction record by the new variants.

For example:

There is one type of shirts , but recorded as two different variants 



How to merge those two variants

Steep 1 : you can go to 'Tools' menu, click the 'More menu' and choose 'Merge Variant'

in the 'Merge Variant' Session, you can input the old variant as the variant wanted to be replaced, and the variant as the replacement. Then click the 'Process' button.



Steep 2 : After the process completed, you can look into the product that it has been merge into one.


it will be the new variant which is recorded.

Note : This 'merge variant' tools proccess will be adding the old variant's inventory stock and the new one's inventory stock




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