Setting Editor Role for Users

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The editor roles that we have :

 No  Roles Name  Description
 1  Global Editor  Enable user to ADD/UPDATE/DELETE record ex: Product, Customer, Invoice
 2  Product Editor  Enable user to add and edit products
 3  Date Editor  Enable user to edit time of a transaction
 4  Number Editor  Enable user to input their own number for invoice
 5  Salesman Editor  Enable user to add and edit salesman
 6  Debt Editor  Enable user to continue to create an invoice even though customer status is "Blocked"
 7  Inventory Editor  Enable user to edit quantity of inventory in the outlet

How to set the role editor ?

1. You need to go Users section, Click Groups tab and add group (if you dont have group user)


2. Fill the Name and Description for your group and don't forget to provide Page Roles, Function Roles and Editor Role (located at the end of page)


3. When you have done you can click save button at the top right corner

4. Now you go to Users section and choose 1 user then click edit icon on the right of last login information


5. Assign that user to join the group by tick the list of group


6. You can also choose which branch this user is in charge for in security section

This can also be called access boundary for branches.

 No  Permission  Description
 1  No Access  User has no access to any data on this outlet
 2  Peek  User only has access to see inventory
 3  Read  User has access to see inventory and orders
 4  Write  User can read and create / update / delete data in this outlet


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