Setting Role and pemission Outlet for Users

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Each user has different roles and access. The explanation of the existing roles can be seen in the following article "Explanation of the Functions of Role Users". Following are the steps to set up an editor on the DealPOS system.

 I. Give Role for user

Step 1. Go to Users Menu- Groups - Select Group

Step 2. Edit Group Form - Save

In the group form you can set the roles of the user in accordance with what you want, you only need to checklist and uncheck the roles that you want to give access to or not.


Click save to save the roles that you have set.

II. Set User Outlet Permission

After you set group roles, you can also limit the access of each group to your outlets. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Go to Users Menu - Groups - Select Group

Step 2. Outlet - Set Permission Level To Outlet - Save

Here is an explanation table for each access:

 No  Permission  Description
 1  No Access  User does not have a access to outlet
 2  Peek  User can check inventory at oulet
 3  Read  User can check inventory & orders at outlet
 4  Write  User can create new orders at outlet


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