Customize Receipt Template for Printing

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In this article it will explain how do you create your own template for your receipt printing. We have default printing template that you can change on your own. Such as your addresses, tagline, etc. Please do follow these steps for more information:

Step 1 : Go to the 'Outlets' menu and click on the template link to edit the template.

Step 2 : Fill the box with the information that you want to display in the Receipt

(Width: <= 8cm)'

Note : if you want customize paper size please follow this article 

Customize CSS

Step 3 : You could also use the A4 format paper, just choose the 'Print Size' to 'A4 (Width: 20cm)'

Step 4 : For Full print If you need delivery note, click Footer Note and fill Delivery Note



Video Customize Receipt Printer Labels

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