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We Have 4 calculation for COGS when Re- Stock that is Manual, Average, Last Order and FIFO. You can choose between these 4 calculations. Please follows this step below :


Step 1. Go to Setup Menu and Click the More Menu then choose Module



Step 2. Choose BUY tab menu then you can set COGS Calculation




Manual Manual Calculation  

Average Calculation {( Last Price * Old qty + New Price * New qty ) / (Old qty + New qty)}

example: Last price item A $80*2(qty) =$160, and new price $90*2(qty)=$180. The COGS item A is $85

Last Order
Last order price will be unit cost
FIFO COGS according to first order
Buy Expenses Price  
Buy Expenses Quantity  
Tax Calculated As COgs Tax is calculated as the principal amount of the Buy
Ignore Zero Cost Cost not updated when BUY with zero cost
Calculation per Outlet Use Cost different by outlet
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